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Mission Statement

The Long Live Will Washburn Foundation, Inc (LLWW) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed to support and acknowledge individuals that possess similar characteristics of Will Washburn: faith, kindness, compassion, dedication, scholastics, talent, and athleticism.  Support will largely be (but not limited to) two annual scholarships: one for character and one for athletics.  Will had exceptional character.  He was a great athlete.  Will’s life and legacy continues to have unlimited potential.  Will’s kindness and smile would light up his environment.  He had a way to shine on a court, in a classroom, and amongst his peers.  He looked to always help others; therefore, his family would like to continue his legacy through a foundation in his honor.  Let your light shine forever Will Washburn. #LLWW 

Annually, the foundation will honor Will by giving two scholarships, one for athletics and one for character.

1. Athletics

One scholarship will be awarded to a Hurricane High School athlete who excels at their sport and plays for the love of the game as Will did.

2. Character

One scholarship will be awarded to a student who shows the character and values that Will possessed.

We Would Love Your Support!

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