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Graduation Celebration

The Scholarships:

Annually, the foundation will honor Will by giving two scholarships, one for athletics and one for character. These scholarships are given to individuals who APPLY. Applications can be obtained at Hurricane High School in April of every calendar year!

Athletic Scholarship:

One scholarship will be awarded to a Hurricane High School athlete who excels at their sport and plays for the love of the game as Will did.

Character Scholarship:

One scholarship will be awarded to a student who shows the character and values that Will possessed.

2022 Winners:


2022 Character Scholarship

Winner: Ethan Spolarich


2022 Character Scholarship

Winner: Maliah McCann-Coles


2022 Athletic Scholarship

Winner: Brogan Brown


2022 Athletic Scholarship

Winner: Bryson Rigney

Past Winners:


2021 Character Scholarship

Winner: Jaxon Nicely

Runner-Up: Olivia Bird


2021 Athletic Scholarship

Winner: Abigail Fowler

Runner-Up: Isabella Hart

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